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Free Immigration Seminars
by the attorney, Regilucia “Reggie” Smith

Immigration Seminars

Reggie Smith Law is committed to educating our community in learning about U.S. immigration laws and policies.  We conduct these free immigration seminars as a service to our community.  By attending our immigration seminars our community will be able to make a better-informed decision about their particular immigration situation.

Topics discussed in our immigration seminars include, but are not limited to:

o    English and Spanish – General Immigration Presentation
o    Know Your Rights under the US Constitution for immigrants
o    Citizenship & Naturalization Information Session
o    Most recent legislative immigration developments
o    Most recent information released by USCIS
o    Most recent trends in immigration law
o    Can I be deported if I am Legal Permanent Resident?
o    Education path to becoming an attorney for High School Juniors & Seniors – What it is like to  be an attorney, how to prepare for

       law school and other life lessons
o    Know Your Rights to In-State Tuition (undocumented Youth)
o    Related Petitions for Victims of Violence

Our presentations last approximately 30-45 minutes where we discuss an overview of the subject matter, the requirements, documents needed, fees associated with certain applications etc.  Our presentations are then wrapped up with a Q&A session of about 15 minutes.  Our presentations can be made using a PowerPoint presentation or a simple blackboard.  

We can give presentations at local churches, civic centers, community centers, high schools, and colleges.

How can I invite Reggie Smith Law to make a presentation at our organization?

If you are interested in hosting the Reggie Smith Law at your next event, please fill in the inquiry below and we will contact you immediately.  Include as much information as possible in the message including the type of presentation you would like us to make.

 We simply ask that you handle the logistics and coordinate the advertisement of the information session at your campus, school, church, community center, etc.

 *A minimum of attendance of 20 people is required in order to hold a presentation.

Regilucia Costa Smith, PLLC.

Immigration & Nationality Law